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Where's the Value in Value Added Reselling?

September 25, 2015

In the tech sector, there’s a lot of buzz about working with Value Added Resellers, or VARs, which are companies that take a current product and increase its value, either by combining that product with additional products and software and selling it to the end user. VARs have historically done very well in the industries that they’ve been a part of, as there is a built-in customer base and a low upfront cost in terms of sales.

VARs play a prominent role in technology and may provide additional hardware, installation services, consulting, troubleshooting, or other related products or services. This eliminates a lot of the headache associated with getting the right solution. VARs mean bringing together the most appropriate products to create the best solution to fit customers’ needs.

When a customer partners with a VAR, they get advice and guidance on competitive manufactures, comparison and contracts, and most importantly, guidance and experience on manufacturer pricing.

With a constant eye on the wider market, a VAR can develop their own snapshot of how like businesses operate, and then apply this knowledge and experience to their partners who, in turn, don’t have to earn this wisdom the hard way.

Conferencing solutions provider Revolabs offers a reseller program that gives partners the keys to the conferencing and collaboration industry with all of the training and support to back it up. As a company that deals with VARs on a regular basis, they understand the need to not only increase profitability, but engaging potential VARs who understand the needs and challenges of today’s busy office landscape.

But what makes a good partner program that will not only be profitable, but successful in the long-term as well?

Revolabs understand that resellers view products in an entirely different way than the end-user community, so its emphasis is on training, competitive pricing, leading products, and lead sharing.

The company’s recent white paper, “How to Choose the Most Profitable Partner Program: The 5 Most Important Considerations for Resellers and Integrators,” covers the basics for prospective VARs; while the product is important, the value of working together is what sets them apart from the competition. When it comes to VARs, differentiators are king and they are not limited to product alone.

Is a Revolabs partnership right for you? Are your goals compatible? Do they add value beyond the contract in shared skills and knowledge?

For those seeking a simplified solution for their conferencing needs, the right VAR could remove a lot of stress and complexity from the buying process.

Edited by Rory J. Thompson