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Lifesize Cloud Conferencing Receives Updates

April 07, 2015

Lifesize, the developer of its Lifesize Cloud videoconferencing service, recently announced the latest updates to its platform.

Updates include accessibility features, improved control of meetings, and more performance with its video communications technology. It now has interoperability with Microsoft Lync, group calling with up to 40 participants, connection with products such as Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar for improved scheduling capabilities, and calling within Web browsers. Craig Malloy, the founder and CEO of Lifesize commented on the updates and said his company is reaching out to businesses of all sizes.

“From small businesses to global corporations, the demand for cloud-based video communications is exploding,” Malloy said. “Consumer applications have influenced the need to be fully accessible, anywhere at any time. Lifesize Cloud delivers the industry’s most integrated video experience, making it easy to connect across offices, small or large conference rooms, and mobile devices in a scalable way.”

Lifesize reports that more than 1,000 companies have already begun using its cloud-based videoconferencing and that it will continue to provide updates on a regular schedule. The company announcement says it is focusing on the shift from on-premise hardware conferencing to the type of software-as-a-service product it now delivers its customers. Everything is controlled from within the cloud, so the entire system is inherently more flexible than competitors and provides an easier path for software updates to reach a wide range of customers.

One benefit to operating in the cloud is the ease of connection with Lync. As one of the most widely-used communications platforms on the globe, Lifesize is connecting to a service on which many businesses already rely. Connection between Lync and Lifesize can happen with just one click. That ease of use is poised to impress many fans of Lync.

In addition, browser-based calling in Chrome or Internet Explorer can bring Lifesize to any desktop or mobile device. Even though Lync already has reach into the realm of mobile, there are many employees who do much of their work in Web browsers anyway and who feel more comfortable in that environment. This feature gives them that option. There is also native connection for Lifesize on many modern mobile devices that run either Android or iOS.

Enhanced controls for meeting administrators give them the power to use the new “lecture” mode. In that mode, one presenter is given the privilege of audio while all other attendees are muted. Admins can also alter the visual layout for participants in the channel. All the above updates are meant to work with the latest Lifesize hardware including its whole-room systems.

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino