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Conferencing Week in Review: Polycom, ClearOne and More

December 06, 2014

It was a somewhat quiet week for the Conferencing industry after the long Thanksgiving weekend, but there was some interesting news that crossed the wires, and we have the details.

“Telemedicine” has been catching on for some time now, as the medical profession comes to realize the benefits inherent in having a means to offer specialist-grade medical services without having to locate in a place where such specialties would almost never be put to work. But other branches of medicine, as a recent report from Healthline detailed, are starting to get in on the act as well, bringing about one new branch being called “telepsychiatry.” The report details how new research has found that video conferencing is an effective means to treat certain conditions that respond to psychotherapy, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The research in question turned to a pool of 265 patients with the Department of Veterans Affairs, and illustrated how the veterans who received counseling electronically showed some substantial improvement using standard scales of measurement over a period of 12 months. 

Closer to home, it's not surprising that eyes are starting to turn to 2015, and just what this shiny New Year will bring with it. Of course, there are a great many possibilities afoot, and the question of just what will take place in the next year will be one that's on a lot of lips. A new report from ACNNewswire took a look at Polycom, and what it was seeing in the mists of the future as far as video and the workplace are concerned. The results may represent some significant opportunity, but pose some challenges as well. The bottom line? Video conferencing will be the weapon of choice when it comes to collaboration tools.

Elsewhere, there is very little doubt that the further we go into the 21st century the more popular technology like video conferencing is going to get. Telcom & Data is one company looking to take advantage of this increased popularity with the introduction of the Collaborate All-in-One Video Conference System from ClearOne. This particular solution is one that is a complete voice, video and data collaboration system. The users who go with this new solution will have the ability to see high-def content on a 46” 1080p LCD display through the VIEW Multimedia Viewer.

We’re sure as we get closer to year’s end, that companies will start announcing new products for the New Year. Be sure to check back for daily updates.