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Video Conferencing Delivers Long Distance Face-to-Face Communication

December 02, 2014

In this digital age, the importance of face-to-face communication is often forgotten. Emails, instant messaging and texting have slowly become the norms of communication within organizations. 

Face-to-face communication allows people to better assess social situations and form a stronger bond with those they interact with. When it comes to business, people will often find that face-to-face meetings are the best way to communicate effectively- with coworkers and clients. Humans are a social species that are programmed to read body language and facial expressions; reading someone’s real time reaction can be beneficial to learn how participants feel about decisions being made.

Especially for businesses working with clients, face to face meetings can strengthen the relationships and help increase client trust.  Yet, it is well-known that travel expenses can get hefty, and can use a lot of valuable time. So where is the middle ground for face to face communication and saving on travel expenses? Video Conferencing. 

Most importantly, video conferencing improves communication and reinforces positive relationships. There are many important aspects of communication that can get lost over a basic phone call or email. Reading a client’s facial expression when you say something and addressing the negative or positive feeling creates a more productive relationship. Using this type of communication can give organizations a competitive advantage. Customer service departments that use video conferencing can create a much more personal relationship with customers, leading to a deeper loyalty to organizations.

Video conferencing also has been proven to increase morale and productivity within the office. Organizations usually have more than one location across the country. Utilizing video conferencing can make all of the offices feel connected, and construct a business that is team oriented and familiar with all branches.

All of these positive communication interactions can be completed without even leaving your desk. If you believe that your business needs to increase its use of video conferencing and take advantage of the benefits of face to face meetings, look into systems that will work best with your budget and business. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle