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Conferencing Week in Review: Vidyoworks, Videxio, Davinci Virtual

November 15, 2014

As word of the ease of video conferencing continues to spread, the technology is gaining ground in new and different areas. For example, one area that is keenly interested is the legal profession, where it’s easier to have remote participants dial in for a fast, visual conference, so that they can get back quickly to the more profitable work that bills by the hour. Recognizing a niche that needed to be filled, Davinci Virtual, a provider of global virtual office services, has just announced it is now offering video conferencing services available at its meeting spaces on its popular meeting room reservation platform, DavinciMeetingRooms.com. The action comes as a direct response to client requests. "Many of our clients in the deposition and court reporting verticals have asked for network-wide video conferencing services for some time," said Bill Grodnik, CEO of Davinci Virtual. "We listened to our customers and built an offering that has met the legal industry's rigid technical and practical requirements.”

In other news, Vidyo Inc. recently announced that it has added long-awaited WebRTC support to both the VidyoWorks platform for video communication and collaboration as well as the VidyoConferencing product portfolio. The VidyoWorks platform has provided a means of developing solutions and service offerings to a range of clients for the past seven years, and the addition of WebRTC support will let clients reap further benefits from Vidyo’s scalable and secure video conferencing infrastructure. The platform is noted for its unique support for heterogeneous Web, native desktop, legacy H.323, VDI and mobile environments. “Vidyo’s WebRTC strategy provides a clear path to a richer video experience without client installation, today with VP8 and with scalable VP9 in future,” said Ofer Shapiro, CEO at Vidyo. “Extending WebRTC support into Vidyo’s platform and product portfolio is a natural progression and a testament to our continued leadership role in emerging standards in both the WebRTC and h.26x worlds.”

Elsewhere, Videxio recently released a new portal that will give its customers a dashboard view of their video conferencing environment. With the new tool, it will be easier to schedule and reschedule meetings. It will also provide usage statistics that help management determine ROI. Lysaker, Norway-based Videxio provides video conferencing as a service (VCaaS) solutions. Videxio developed the portal, known as MyVidexio, out of concerns that a less-than-stellar user experience has made many companies reluctant to fully embrace VCaaS. Existing customers can obtain the tool at no charge. Perhaps the most important aspect of this experience is control. Companies want to be able to determine easily how many video conferences were initiated, how long the conferences lasted and check these numbers against financial data to determine their ROI.

As conferencing gains more users, we’ll be sure to stay on top and report the latest news. Join us!