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Video Conferencing Gains a Foothold in Legal Circles

November 12, 2014

As video conferencing continues to make gains in the business world as both a cost- and a time-saver, other industries are starting to take notice. One area that is keenly interested is the legal profession, where it’s easier to have remote participants dial in for a fast, visual conference, so that they can get back quickly to the more profitable work that bills by the hour.

Recognizing a niche that needed to be filled, Davinci Virtual, a provider of global virtual office services, has just announced it is now offering video conferencing services available at its meeting spaces on its popular meeting room reservation platform, DavinciMeetingRooms.com. The action comes as a direct response to client requests.

"Many of our clients in the deposition and court reporting verticals have asked for network-wide video conferencing services for some time," said Bill Grodnik, CEO of Davinci Virtual. "We listened to our customers and built an offering that has met the legal industry's rigid technical and practical requirements.”

The offering comes as legal cases seem to take longer and longer to come to trial, if they even get there at all. What with depositions needing to be scheduled at everyone’s convenience and availability, it makes more sense to have the parties be able to dial in, make their statements (which are recorded), and then log off and move on to more pressing matters.

This conferencing option is just the latest from a company carving out a space for itself in a highly competitive market. According to the company, Davinci's virtual offices and services include local or toll-free telephone and fax numbers, digital voicemail, electronic fax, email, an online command center, unified messaging, conferencing, and much more. Its aforementioned conferencing arm, DavinciMeetingRooms.com is a comprehensive online reservation platform for business, providing access to more than 3,500 conference rooms, day offices, meeting spaces and business support services in over 950 locations around the globe.

Edited by Maurice Nagle