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Conferencing Week in Review: New Forecasts, Partners and Competition

October 25, 2014

Conferencing is quickly becoming a ubiquitous technology for a number of industries. This week in the Conferencing Zone the news covered new figures, new partnerships and new competition. Let’s dig in to the week that was in conferencing news, it’s time for the week in review.

A new report from Frost & Sullivan was released this week that forecasts the future for the conferencing market in the European Union. Frost & Sullivan reported the space as currently valued at $1.78 billion in 2013, and projects growth of up to nearly $2.6 billion by 2019. With demand, technology offerings and functionality increasing with each passing day it is no surprise to see the report project a high ceiling.

Staying on the other side of the pond, Suitable technologies teamed up with Orange this week to bring together offerings. Orange’s Ub-y and Suitable Technologies’ Beam+ will work together to help improve collaboration.

"The collaboration of Orange and Suitable Technologies marks an important step forward in the availability of Smart Presence Systems for consumers," said Scott Hassan, CEO, Suitable Technologies.

Zoom Video Communications selected Radisys Corporation’s MPX-12000 to provide scalable IP media processing that is required with various forms of conferencing. It supports various video codecs and HD voice as well.

“Our company is dedicated to providing high quality cloud collaboration services that are flexible, bullet proof and easy to consume,” said Eric S. Yuan, CEO and founder, Zoom.

TMC’s Matt Paulson reported this week that Firefox’s free in-browser video client could pose a threat to Skype.  Firefox Hello is available for beta testing currently, and in the upcoming weeks can be used to communicate with family, friends or colleagues for instant video chats. At the bush of a button, collaboration can begin, offering users an easy to use offering making it extraordinarily appealing. Watch out Skype!

As you can tell, the news is always flowing in the Conferencing Zone, make sure to check back to keep your thumb on the pulse of all the happenings in the conferencing space. See you next week!