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Conferencing Week in Review: Conference Room Makeover

October 17, 2014

Conferencing is not what it was ten or even five years ago.  New technology is quickly reshaping the conferencing experience and in doing so, is making enterprise collaboration easier and far more effective. Let’s see what was in the news this week, it’s week in review time!

Highfive made this news this week with its cloud-based video conferencing suite. The offering includes an array of microphones, 1080p video camera and a wireless chipset. The all-in-one a system comes in at $799, and within minutes can be easily installed.

“The typical conference room is a relic of 1995 — table, chairs, Polycom speakerphone and a screen for presentations. All these were invented before the Internet, Wi-Fi and smartphones. We believe the conference room and the way we work, deserves an upgrade,” said Shan Sinha, CEO of Highfive.

TMC’s Frank Griffin reported the worldwide market forecasts for the HD voice market.  By 2019, it is projected to reach $2.29 billion.  2014 illustrated a market of $815.5 million, so that would prove to be substantial growth. Adoption rates will depend on infrastructure, HD voice will grow as fast as high-speed broadband services.

One place embracing conferencing technology with two arms is the Larimer County Detention Center in Fort Collins, Colorado.  It is installing a cloud-based video visitation system that will, for a minimal fee, allow inmates to meet with friends, family or attorney. The resources needed for face-to-face visitation is quite costly, and conferencing offers a safe and cost-effective way for an inmate to still have visitors.

Paper usage has become an increasingly important issue; so many companies have moved many documents to a digital format. Adobe has integrated eSync Training’s EchoSign with Adobe Connect to add new functionality to the video conferencing experience—live document signing.

 That was the week that was in conferencing, see you next week!

Edited by Stefania Viscusi