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Conferencing Week in Review: From Boardrooms to Extreme Team-Building

September 20, 2014

As the adaptation of conferencing technology grows, so too do the industries taking advantage of it. Let’s take a look at the week’s news in this burgeoning space - it’s time for the Week in Review!

This week, Fuze announced whole-room support for its Rooms cloud-based service.  The service helps businesses take advantage of the benefits of video conferencing technology without the high costs of on-premises systems. Fuze created a system that works easily with all types of devices, allowing businesses the flexibility of conferencing on any medium they choose.

When people think of conferences for work, they probably think keynote sessions and panel discussions.  One hotel in the U.K. is changing that with its conferencing package; Qhotels is embracing people’s interest in extreme activities and is including such team-building events into its conferencing package.

The Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry (LCCI), as industry’s means of communication has chosen to adapt video conferencing technology into its practices. This new adaption affords collaboration and communication both within the organization and externally.

Speaking of commerce and industry, video conferencing is coming in handy for human resource departments.  As business and people become more mobile, conferencing is an easy and obvious solution to interviewing a possible job candidate that is not nearby.  Rural candidates are experiencing a higher rate of interviews done through video conference, as all that is needed is an internet connection, headset and Web camera.  This use of video conferencing is also valuable because after the interview enterprises can review the video if they wish.

Blue Jeans and Tely Labs are working together on new video conferencing solutions that will include both cloud-based as well as on premises offerings.  “With Blue Jeans for Tely, you can connect your conference rooms with the people who can’t be in them, making it possible to collaborate face-to-face with many more colleagues, customers, and partners. Thanks to Blue Jeans and Tely Labs, businesses don’t have to be big or spend big to experience the big value of face-to-face collaboration” proclaimed Stu Aaron, Blue Jeans COO. 

As one can see, every week the conferencing space is growing with new uses and opportunities for conferencing technology. Check back often to stay in the know. See you next week!