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Conferencing Week in Review: Making the World a Smaller Place

September 13, 2014

The Conferencing Zone, like every week, had no shortage of news this week. Time to take a look, and see what happened during the week that was: It’s time for the week in review!

The banking industry is experiencing the benefits video conferencing can offer.  Metropolitan bank COO and CIO Pam Ware declared, “We're convinced that video conferencing is far better than other means of communication in fostering relationships and improving collaboration.”  The benefits are plain to see, but TMC’s Alexandra Duggan gives a few pointers as to how make the transition into video conferencing as smooth and productive as possible.

TMC’s Daniel Brecht reported on the Department of Veteran Affairs taking the plunge into the use of video conferencing. Video conferencing provides an alternative to long wait times and high cost involved in meeting with a VA doctor. Read Brecht’s analysis here.

One of Canada’s oldest institutions, Dalhousie University has opened its doors to video conferencing.  It will be collaborating with the Colchester East Hants Health Authority (CEHHA) to expand the authority’s medical education program.  The CEHHA’s CEO, Peter MacKinnon, proclaimed “This trend will strengthen care in the health system overall, and we are pleased to be a leader and early adopter of this approach.”

Another group aiding in education is Blue Jeans, as they are bringing their technology to the classroom.  The technology of video conferencing being used in the classroom is experiencing traction.  The more it is used, the more people realize the possibilities video conferencing offers the classroom. Recently, Brandeis University adopted Blue Jeans’ Web conferencing service. And, according to reports conferencing has already connected a classroom of students with a congressman as well as Peruvian musicians.

As one can see, conferencing technology makes the world a much smaller place.  It is a constantly growing space; make sure to check back to see what’s new!