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Web-based Video Archiving Solution Lowers Costs

August 20, 2014

An archiving workflow solutions company has announced that its newest client, a post-production video services company, will be able to benefit from its Web-based interface, archiving, and data search capabilities.

StorageDNA develops archiving solutions for media professionals. It will now be working with Gorilla Group, the post-production services company, and will provide Gorilla Group with its flagship archiving software, DNA Evolution.

DNA Evolution can archive video on the Linear Tape-Open format within Linear Tape File Systems and achieve lower costs alongside a more reliable framework. Beyond the ability to use LTO and access LTFS, DNA Evolution provides a global metasearch tool that can allow companies such as Gorilla Group to locate content within a film based on the metadata attributes contained within the archive. It allows for automation of storage processes and can save money by directly making use of LTO instead of more expensive storage containers such as traditional hard drives or HDCAM SR Tape.

It is that usability and savings that Rhodri James, technology director for Gorilla Group, makes note of in his statement regarding the new partnership.

"Because of the DNA Evolution Web-based interface, we can have one person in Cardiff who can effectively manage all of Gorilla Group's LTO LTFS archiving. It gives us a level of continuity and a more holistic view of our operations," James said. "We're dealing with more and more data, and we can now free up space much quicker on our core shared storage system and have the confidence to go closer to job deadlines with data restores."

Gorilla Group has worked with major video providers such as the BBC, Animal Planet, Sony, and Nissan. The company notes that more of its clients are moving toward file-based acquisitions, so it is essential that Gorilla Group can quickly process and deliver files to their clients in short order. For some clients, this means turning around data within a day's notice.

The Web-based archive management system allows Gorilla Group to deliver reliable services every day, the company says. "Our business depends on it," James continued. He says it gives his company the tools it needs to complete quality work in respectable time periods, and it allow clients to be confident that their data was handled diligently.

Edited by Rory J. Thompson