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Conferencing Week in Review

August 16, 2014

While the summer is inching to end, we are just getting started with what can be done in the conferencing space.  Let’s take a look at the week that was in conferencing!

The global nature of conferencing takes us to India for our first news item; TMC’s Jyothi Shanbhag reported that Aurangabad Central Jail “Harsul” is moving toward allowing video conferencing technology so that people on trial may communicate with their legal team and decongest the Indian Jail.

Zoom, the cloud collaboration company, announced its new offering, ZoomPresence, this week. It is an easy and cost friendly to gain true conferencing capabilities in any conference room.  The system is completely scalable to your needs and comes in at a cost of under $1,000.

TMC’s Casey Houser reported this week on Christmas Island Immigrants receiving medical care through video conferencing.  Mainland doctors are greeting immigrant need for medical care with open arms as the medical care on the island is awful, and people experiencing discomfort or declining health aren’t receiving the necessary care.

Arizona’s Mountain Institute Joint Technical Education District (MIJTED) is an organization leveraging video conferencing technology to offer career training to Arizona students living in remote areas.  MIJTED’s mission is career and technical education; through the use of “hybrid” programs its students are able to receive a higher level of education.

Skype was forced to change its service offerings due to competition.  Traditionally, one could “Skype” with up to three total participants for free—anymore than that required a reasonable fee.  Because Google Hangouts offers free conferencing capability and is exponentially growing in popularity, Skype has upped the ante by raising the number of free participants to 10.

These are just several news items of note for the week, check in with The Conferencing Zone for all of your conferencing news needs.  See you next week!