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HD Video Conferencing Adoption still not Fast Enough

August 11, 2014

In the video conferencing world, there is a trend of people and companies who might be settling for technology that isn't really doing them justice. The same is true, ten-fold when talking about federal and state government and the offerings they use when talking about video conferencing. The fact of the matter is the government would be better served if they were using top of the line equipment and technology.

One of the reasons why state and federal government governments need to run as fast as they can away from traditional and lower end video conferencing solutions is that these solutions are largely unscalable. That means the solutions may not fit the government entity's needs at some point and there is very little that can be done but try and find a workaround. Setup for these solutions is usually a headache in its own right and the multi-step process of having to log-in, start a meeting or share content with other people that are in the conference.

One way in which these problems can be solved is by moving to a new desktop cloud HD video conferencing solution. These conferencing solutions are different in many ways, including the ability to log in and start a conference with just the push of a button. These conferencing solutions are also equipped with better video and audio output, but that isn't even the best part of the software.

Those using these more advanced solutions are also able to get more people into a conference using this technology. And of course, the best news about these kinds of solutions is they can be carried out on quite a bit more pieces of technology. When talking about HD video conferencing solutions, you are also talking about solutions that can be used on the desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. All of these options mean that they are substantively better than the more traditional and older video conferencing solutions. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle