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Lifesize Launches New Video Conferencing Service, Lifesize Cloud

August 05, 2014

Cloud-based unified communications offer businesses a wealth of tools for collaboration, and Lifesize has met the demand with the launch of their newest video service according to Business Standard, Lifesize Cloud. Lifesize is already a well-known provider of video conferencing solutions, and a subsidiary of computer peripheral manuufacturer Logitech. The company's Software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering has now been bolstered by the release of Lifesize Cloud, which is able to connect multiple device types including smartphones, tablets and laptops.

“It is a perfect blend of software, hardware and service and addresses the consumer's need for an affordable solution instead of a costly on-premise video solution,” states Lifesize's international vice president, Andreas Wienhold. “The best thing about this service is that it supports video conferencing even at low bandwidths like 192 kbps and is ideal for Indian connections.”.

Lifesize Cloud is also very affordable, starting at $25 per user per month for use with up to five devices. Interested companies can even access a limited 14-day free trial for the service, allowing them to try out the service before committing to a yearly contract.

Video communication in businesses is seeing highly increased use due to how well it promotes collaboration. Not only is it excellent for conducting face-to-face conversations that are more meaningful and attention-grabbing, but services like screen sharing and co-browsing allow two users to make changes on each others' computer screens and directly edit live documents.

Thankfully, Lifesize Cloud offers a very simple solution that works in a broad range of circumstances, making it ideal for small to medium businesses, as well as international communication. Connecting across a wide range of devices as well as Internet speeds is crucial for delivering a truly “universal” communications platform, and that is exactly what Lifesize has achieved with their latest product.

Edited by Adam Brandt