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Apple Acquires Video-Conferencing Patent

August 04, 2014

When it comes to communication, today’s world looks for speed and clarity in connecting people with each other. Video conferencing has risen in the ranks as a means of doing so on both personal and professional levels; and with potential new technology from Apple, the process may become quicker and better than ever.

The International Business Times has reported that Apple has acquired a new patent relating to video conferencing services. The patent may allow for services that challenge Microsoft’s Round Table conferencing, and upgrade Apple’s current FaceTime technology to function on a business level. While the acquisition does not directly indicate new Apple offerings in the near future, upcoming products may certainly benefit from it.

Dylan Sylvain is credited as the initiator of the patent, which was filed back in Q2 of 2012. Under it, Apple will be able to employ scalable video coding (SVC) and a multi-video camera system. In a climate in which video quality remains a central technological issue, this system would work with multiple cameras designed to obtain various image areas, thus creating clearer accompanying video streams. Video conferencing has gained ground as a service in recent years, as it is an easy way of employing face-to-face communication regardless of geographic distance, and services such as this could further improve upon its quality.

Apple may collaborate with tech giant IBM to sell this technology and potentially build an enterprise off of it. Indeed, the two companies have already established an enterprise mobility alliance. The two powerhouses working together create a possible threat to similar competitors in the video conferencing field and the technology market as a whole, but at least offering the market a sense of relevant competition.

As video conferencing becomes an increasingly popular means of connection, Apple has the potential to make waves in a growing market.

Edited by Rory J. Thompson