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InterCall and Esna, the New Power Couple of Real-Time

August 01, 2014

Partnerships happen every day in the business world.  AT TMC we use the term ‘Wheelings & Dealings” to describe these transactions, but one that was just announced falls under a category yet to be named.  It is not often that two industry leaders pair their offerings bringing the world’s largest conferencing and collaborations provider and a leader in cloud-enabled communication and collaboration software together.

This week, Esna Technologies announced a partnership with InterCall.  Esna will benefit greatly from InterCall’s experience with Cisco’s Jabber and WebEx Web conferencing solutions.  The combination affords users the ability to seamlessly work within various cloud applications without the need to install additional software.

Rob Bellmar, executive vice president of Conferencing and Collaboration at InterCall in a statement said, "Esna offers unique capabilities that let us leverage popular tools like Salesforce.com and Google Apps to satisfy the users' preferred choices while integrating with our industry-leading solutions to provide a better experience."

Esna’s iLink for WebEx allows users the ability to start an instant meeting from any web page or application, schedule WebEx meetings like they would any other event, eliminates the need to book meetings on the main WebEx website.

Esna’s iLink for Cisco offers great benefits as well including instant messaging, simple click to call any phone number, make Jabber video and voice calls from Internet Explorer or Chrome and the ability to share and see other’s availability and status.

Davide Petramala, Esna executive vice president of Business Development proclaimed, "We're excited to partner with them to bring our WebEx and Jabber integration capabilities to their customers."

This is only the beginning of what could be a long and prosperous relationship.  Only time will tell how the dynamic duo shape the conferencing space in the years to come. Petramala noted, “InterCall is the largest conferencing service provider in the world, doing business with more than 80 percent of the Fortune 100. They have a rich array of services that help enterprises become more productive and drive bottom line value.”

Edited by Adam Brandt