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Video Conferencing: Got Chromebox?

July 31, 2014

‘Just Google it’ has become part of generally understood vernacular; even Grandma who doesn’t know who Miley Cyrus is knows what Google does—finds things.  It will always be a customer-facing search engine, but additionally it appears Google is making a large effort to be more business friendly—in particular, by updating its Chromebox for Meetings video conferencing system. It’s not that Google applications aren’t currently business friendly, but Gmail and Drive were not designed for commercial use.

In June, President of Google Enterprise, Amit Singh, was quoted at the Google I/O developer conference saying, “Enterprise is now a big bet for Google.”  This is certainly illustrated in the Internet behemoth’s behavior.

Google has upgraded its service level agreement (SLA) to guarantee the Chromebox system to work 99.9 percent of the time.  Google has two other applications functioning at a similar level, Drive and Gmail.  Another noticeable improvement is in integration.  Google is working Blue Jeans and InterCall to guarantee interoperability with Chromebox for Meetings.

Administrators have control over calls, and Google’s vice president of product management, Clay Bavor, announced that a video Hangout is now accessible for anyone with a Google Apps account.

In broad strokes, Chromebox has improved reliability and support for Hangouts; meetings are easier to set up in a multitude of places and more user-friendly to bring participants together for video meetings.

Businesses will pay for reliable hardware and software, it is clear Google has no trepidation when it comes to dicing into this space, as evident by the discounts to Chromebook, coupled with upgrades as well as its cloud infrastructure.

Bavor states, “No matter how things change, a face-to-face conversation is still the fastest and simplest way to communicate. Using Hangouts lets teams collaborate over video meetings across smartphones, tablets and computers.”

Only time will tell where the chips will land with Google’s ventures, but do not be surprised to see the colossus standing tall as king of the enterprise mountain, when all is said and done.

Edited by Adam Brandt