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Conferencing Week in Review

July 12, 2014

The Conferencing Zone did its fair share of reporting this week; the news was fast and furious in the conferencing space.  It’s time once again, to do a lap around the block and do the Week in Review.

TMC reported earlier this week on the benefits for schools using video conferencing to improve learning and make it easier. Conferencing affords the opportunity to hear from field experts regardless of location, share experiences with students from around the globe, take a virtual field trip and gain access to video-aided courses.

Collaboration is the stir that straws the drink in the world of conferencing and Blue Jeans Network is prepared to embrace that principle.  The provider of cloud-based conferencing services is prepared to bring its customers together in a new community where engineers, product developers, and executives from the Blue Jeans Network are directly accessible to people participating in the online forum.

The global market is reflecting a growing trend: workers are moving toward video conferencing at their work stations as opposed to the conference room.  A recent study done in Poland revealed that although 63 percent of respondents stated their office conference rooms have video conferencing systems, 57 percent of those people prefer to participate in video conferencing from their own workstations.

Lightpath, a Cablevision division decided to dive headfirst into the video conferencing space this week.  It announced the launch of its hosted video conferencing service.  Small and medium-sized business can take full advantage of the service, allowing up to 25 people to connect to a conference.  This new service, coupled with Lightpath’s already successful offerings will certainly leave its mark in the conferencing space.

Though this week has come to end, the news never does.  Keep up to date on the happenings in conferencing by keeping tabs on The Conferencing Zone! See you next week for another round up of the week that was in the world of conferencing.