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Yamaha Takes Your Conferencing to the Next Level with the YVC-1000

July 01, 2014

In a market where companies want to eliminate unnecessary travel yet still promote the value of collaboration, conferencing plays an important role. As such, the demand for proven solutions that support high quality interactions is on the rise. Yamaha won’t be left out of the mix, announcing at InfoComm its latest speaker and mic combo.

The YVC-1000 is designed to deliver high quality and realistic sound through volumes as high as 95dB. All noise is automatically filtered through the Human Voice Activity Detection (HVAD) feature. This helps your conferencing sessions by ensuring that only the human voices in the conference room actually make it into the call. Any movement of paper, objects or other noise in the room is eliminated.

Yamaha didn’t leave out the sound-processing technologies in this latest development. The Adaptive Echo Canceller removes the echo normally generated when microphones pick up sounds reproduced by the speakers. This function is capable of processing sounds up to 20 kHz to ensure smoother conversations between the two parties. Add in noise reduction and total filtering is achieved.

If you don’t want to sit in the same place for the entire conferencing session, Auto Gain Control allows you to adjust the volume the properly suit your distance from the microphone. The idea behind this capability is to optimize the volume for both loud and soft voices picked up through the microphone. Volume differences are reduced at the end of the line caused by variances in voice volume or distance.

With Microphone Array Control, the speaker’s voice is automatically tracked with a location detection function. This keeps the microphone from responding to just any sound and picks up only the human voices in the room. To allow for multiple conferencing situations, the YVC-1000 provides a USB to PC through your network or a Bluetooth connection to your smartphone. The solution is fully expandable and provides room for up to five microphones and two additional speakers.

When you combine this kind of functionality with the capabilities afforded by Fontel, you create the optimal conferencing experience. With Yamaha as one of its preferred manufacturers, you know the technology works perfectly on the Fontel platform. If you’re ready to see how much value you can get out of collaboration, this is one solution you just may want to check out.

Edited by Rory J. Thompson