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Conferencing Week in Review

June 28, 2014

It has been another exciting week in The Conferencing Zone, so let’s dive in and see what happened this week in the world of conferencing.

TMC’s Mini Swamy reported this week on the ease of in-room connectivity in hotels using Meru AP122.  A comfortable bed, hot shower or warm meal is very important to a weary traveler. Edging its way up that list is wireless connectivity, and Meru Networks’ new solution ensures high performance.

A hearing aid’s performance is vital for the hearing impaired. Now imagine going to the movies, and the process gets a little complicated.  Sennheiser is embracing the BYOD movement to improve the movie-going experience for the hearing impaired.  The solution streams directly to the user’s device, and affords them the ability to enjoy their moving-going experience like never before.

Polycom announced that its solution, RealPrescence One, will now be available in all of India. RealPresence One is a solution used in the fields of education, government, manufacturing and healthcare that enables users to access video, voice and content collaboration.

Riding the collaboration wave, TMC reported that AMX unveiled the Sereno video conferencing camera.  This solution is cost effective, loaded with features and suits the needs of small room conferencing.

Not only is video conferencing finding a home in the board room, but the courtroom as well.  ACT of communication is a witness preparation firm that is easing the legal process by allowing attorneys to prepare witnesses for trial via video conferencing.

Casey Houser reported this week on how teams around the globe leverage technology to their benefit.  Unify released the second volume of its New Way to Work index, which includes surveys of business executives and the ways successful teams work with technology.

Casey also reported on NASA’a apparent conferencing coup.  Since 2012, NASA has supported the notion of video conferencing to save on costs, minimize issues from travel and scheduling restrictions.   NASA is grabbing hold to the changes in culture and technology to elevate its productivity. 

This is just a sampling of the week that was in conferencing, stay in loop by checking in at The Conferencing Zone.  Enjoy the weekend and see you next week.