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June 24, 2014

Technological Collaboration May Improve Team Success

By Casey Houser
Contributing Writer

Unify, a well-known communications and software services provider, this month released the second volume of its New Way to Work Index. The Index, its accompanying news release explains, shows the results of a survey of 137 business executives and describes a picture of how teams across the world utilize technology to their benefit.

Unify conducted its survey between March and April of this year. It says that it attempted to “get a real world view of the collaboration capabilities offered and used by teams and their correlation to team performance” as part of the ongoing New Way to Work series. This latest volume expands on the initial volume that displayed the six habits of highly successful teams.

This time around, the company's research showed that successful teams tend to use communication and collaboration technologies two to four times more than teams which show only small amounts of success or no success at all.

The infographic that describes Unify's latest findings covers the research in more depth. First, it states that more successful teams know the other participants involved in conference calls. It says people are more willing to be candid when they know who is listening. Conference admins also reportedly desire the ability to add someone to a conference call with a single click. Ease of use of technology, therefore, apparently correlates with team success.

Regarding conferencing software, the graphic shows that successful teams prefer to have the ability to use screen sharing, add videos of participants to conference calls, and see lists of colleagues' availability for participating in upcoming or current events.

Successful teams also tend to value services that can route calls through a single published phone number, allow colleagues to chat via instant messaging, utilize social networking for informal, group chats, easily utilize IT-sanctioned cloud storage services such as Dropbox (News - Alert), and easily use the above collaborative functions on their mobile devices.

Bill Hurley, chief marketing officer of Unify, spoke about his company's research and trend of technology positively affecting team member collaboration.

“This survey validates how the ease of connecting and the ability to collaborate spontaneously correlate with team success,” Hurley said. “This is more than just a trend driven by Millennials—the trend is critical to engaging people with ideas and sustaining organizational performance when teams are distributed across multiple locations.”

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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