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ACT of Communication Helps Witnesses Use Video Conferencing Techniques

June 23, 2014

It is a known fact that the digital age has enhanced everything including education, entertainment, medicine, and so on. Now video conferencing is finding its way into the court room also, as its efficacy in witness preparation has been tested and proven to be effective. However adoption of digital technology has been slow in the legal sector.

ACT of Communication, a witness preparation firm encourages the use of digital platforms like Skype, Google Hangout and other video conferencing tools to enhance witness preparation tasks.

Witnesses can be prepared for trial or deposition using video conferencing techniques delivered by ACT of Communication which has been tested by its inventor Katherine James in more than a 1,000 cases. It is believed that this technique goes beyond what is taught in law school or by big reputed law firms.

Katherine James, co-founder of ACT of Communication and lead witness preparation expert, said, “When we tested this service in beta, many of our long-term clients were reluctant as to whether it could have the same positive impact of a face-to-face preparation.”

Although the method and its efficacy were doubtful in the beginning, all doubts disappeared as the video conferencing method was found to be very useful and effective in witness preparation.

The ACT of Communication team leverages video conferencing to work with witnesses individually. The witness is exposed to the Star Witness Preparation System that is based on theater techniques. With this system even the most problematic witnesses were made to be well prepared according to requirements and situation.

Also ACT of Communication assists attorneys in leading the same witnesses through the entire legal process. Witness preparation using video conferencing is suitable where there is a shortage of funds and time, said officials.

The system is ideal for trials and deposition in all types of cases, big and small. Usually most lawyers try to force their clients to remember and deliver huge loads of details in the witness stand. However in the video conferencing method, clients are taught to communicate their story in the best way possible. They are given the comfort and strength to reveal the truth about the events that altered their lives without getting confused or overwhelmed by the legal process.