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Conferencing Week in Review

June 21, 2014

This week in The Conferencing Zone we saw a multitude of ways conferencing is utilized and new solutions improving the quality of the conferencing experience.  Let’s take some time and see what we missed, it’s time for the Week in Review!

With video conferencing constantly evolving, it has become a viable substitution for face-to-face meetings.  So much so that non-profits are using this technology to support their outreach efforts.  It affords them the ability to collaborate regardless of location.

Reported by TMC’s Daniel Brecht, video conferencing is dominating business communications.   This lost cost form of communication helps improve CRM, increase revenue, reduced travel costs and all around practicality.  The ability to meet in a multi-party fashion with rural customers or meet with your team from across the country is priceless and a strong impetus for business growth.

Michael Guta shared the results on a study of global conferencing practices.  The world is shrinking every day, and with technology like video conferencing available for reasonable rates and the promise of higher productivity and efficiency it is spreading in use.  The months of October, April and May see the highest usage whereas December experiences a sharp decline.  Read Michael’s full analysis of the report here

Vidyo released VidyRoom, a solution including features like 4k resolution support, up to nine people conferencing simultaneously and participants can stand at a distance of up to 10 feet with amazing clarity in audio and video.  Vidyo’s solution offers 720 or 1080p solutions as well as seamless integration, quality collaboration, reliable performance and allows for global scalability. 

These are just several of the exciting stories developing in conferencing, stop by The Conferencing Zone and explore.  We always have the pulse of this burgeoning technology, with innovation and growth occurring every day.