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June 19, 2014

Sennheiser to Add New Accessories to its TeamConnect Conferencing System

By Shamila Janakiraman
TMCnet Contributor

Sennheiser, a company specializing in audio systems, will be launching new accessories for its TeamConnect conferencing system, which helps conduct audio conferences easily. The company is now previewing accessories like SL Mic Hub 1 and the MEB114-S TC, which are expected to simplify deployment and provide optimum audio quality.

The Sennheiser TeamConnect is an end-to-end professional grade meeting solution which optimizes sound quality and is easy to install. The cost effective system integrates speakers, microphones, a central control unit and also provides connectivity management. All these features serve the needs of meeting rooms with up to 16 users on site.

TeamConnect serves the needs of several applications for the government, healthcare, education, hospitality, corporate and other vertical sectors. The new SL Mic Hub 1 will enable the integration of a conferencing system within multiple meeting rooms. The MEB114-S TC will serve as a custom microphone that is designed especially for TeamConnect.

Dawn Birr, President, sales and marketing, integrated systems, Sennheiser said, “Most companies typically equip more than one meeting room while integrating conference systems, therefore the speed of deployment can become an enormous cost factor.”

It is imperative that conferencing systems are installed in less time, as the more time it takes, the more expensive is the cost of implementation. Sennheiser’s custom-built accessories are designed to streamline the integration process as it bundles several cables together, thereby reducing the number and making installation simpler.

The new accessories will enable users to bundle up to four MEB114-S TC microphones with one SL Mic Hub 1. This reduces cable runs by almost 80 percent. The presence of a microphone hub eliminates the need to wire each individual MEB114-S TC microphone across a room to the TeamConnect Central Unit. Each microphone can be connected to the SL Mic Hub1 from below the meeting table itself.

The hub provides clear and intelligible audio to the TeamConnect central unit using a single Cat5 cable. This allows logic signals to be sent from the SL Mic Hub 1 to the TeamConnect Combox, also placed below the meeting table. This way overall integration is simplified in addition to reducing the cable run.

Edited by Allison Sansone

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