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NTT Plans Global Rollout for Arcstar Conferencing Services

June 16, 2014

With the ever-changing advancement in video conferencing technologies, running global operations has become as easy as pie. From facilitating meetings with the clients to real-time collaboration with team members, video conferencing technology has become an integral part of global businesses. Companies across the globe are using conferencing technologies to cut back on travel costs and to expedite the decision-making process. NTT Com, the ICT unit of NTT Group, is a well-known global provider of video, Web, audio conferencing and other communications services under Arcstar brand. The company has recently launched its services in two key Asian markets, namely Hong Kong and Malaysia, and is soon to enter other APAC markets as well. The company plans to expand even beyond that with several U.S. and European markets in its radar.

Arcstar Conferencing uniquely integrates Web conferencing and audio conferencing and it is this feature that gives it a competitive edge in the market. Its conferencing services are designed to facilitate anytime, anywhere communication. Arcstar Web Conferencing solution allows users to display and quickly share meeting materials on all participants’ PC screens. It also allows for on-spot editing, expediting the business decisions.

A few months back, NTT Group had taken over Arkadin International SAS, a global provider of audio, Web and video conferencing and Unified Communications services. This has allowed NTT Com to leverage Arkadin’s technology assets and service infrastructure to enhance its offering. Thus, NTT Com has enhanced its Web conferencing solution through the incorporation of a new audio functionality for a better collaboration experience. The functionally ensures the delivery of high quality audio even under low grade Internet infrastructure.

NTT is also going to leverage Arkadin’s multi-language customer support, to make Arcstar Conferencing services more attractive for the global market. As per this arrangement, the users are expected to receive live assistance in local languages for Arcstar Audio Conferencing. Any participant that has joined the conference through an easy procedure would be entitled to live assistance as and when they need it.

The company will continue to leverage Arkadin’s advanced capabilities and conferencing-focused global platform to enhance its communications services. It’s not rocket science to guess that the company is going to carve out a place in the international UC space in a few years’ time.

Edited by Rory J. Thompson