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How Video Conferencing is Driving Business Growth

June 16, 2014

Video conferencing has come a long way in the enterprise; this technology has begun to dominate business communications as it is the most appealing choice for enterprises to hold productive online meetings and make contact with others instantly when communication is essential; in particular, video conferencing is important when face-to-face collaboration between colleagues is necessary in a distributed workforce. Video along with rich-media applications, voice and data sharing between participants is possible with this technology that provides greater efficiency and helps boost productivity while trimming travel costs and reducing the travel time normally associated with in-person meetings.

Today several companies have developed complex video-conferencing platforms designed to make participants feel as if they are in the same room. In making call-in meetings practical and more common, video conferencing has become the tool of choice to bridge the distance gap when travel is not an option, impractical or not desired.

Companies that use video conferencing can also use it to establish a global presence: two or multi-party participants can meet and interact in real-time with rural customers, business partners and employees to drive new leads and business opportunities, if not help to strategize on new markets. An online meeting or webinar, for example, is an apt way to invite potential customers to see firsthand what products and services can be offered or to chat and interact with potential clients as needed.

As video conferencing is now becoming more accessible to the wider market and available on many devices, wherever and whenever, it can positively influence business growth and revenues. Companies can use it to uncover a customer’s most urgent needs; business professionals agree, in fact that video conferencing enhances CRM for developing sales opportunities and contacts. Indeed, the market for corporate videoconferencing has exploded to engage in immediate sales, promoting programs, and growing number of services.

The benefits of video conferencing for businesses, of all sizes and industries, are clear: this technology allows them to reach out to as many people as possible in an easy and low-cost way, as told in a post on GroundReport.com website, last week. The post reports on “quick tips” that a business can use to grow through integrating audio/video Web conferencing services with their current infrastructure to connect with customers by embracing the value of online face-to-face interactions.

Those who wish to use collaboration technology across their organization can benefit from a variety of options that video conferencing offers. Other than online meetings and regular video conferencing, businesses can reach out to potential customers through free and paid webinars that can also broadcast the companies’ successes and drive traffic to their website. Companies can also use technology to discuss facts and figures with their clients through screen sharing or can provide their own employees with information and an opportunity to share and ask questions through web conferences.

These are all tools that today’s businesses can use and benefit from at a nominal cost. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle