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Conferencing Week in Review

June 14, 2014

Conferencing technology is experiencing exciting levels of innovation and possibility, and this week was no exception.  It’s time for the Week in Review! 

With 4k solutions, off-the-shelf computing platforms, and USB peripherals the new VidyoWorks platform offers is leading the innovation in the conferencing market. The new platform affords all parties meeting the ability to view fine details in its 4k ultra-HD format. This software-only group solution removes the need for multiscreen telepresence and complicated installations.

As VidyoWorks is improving video quality, Imagination Technologies is innovating audio quality. This week, it unveiled Bluetooth Caskeid, a product that delivers high quality audio from any audio app to every Caskeid enabled speaker within range.  The product line is still growing, but for now Pure is diving headfirst in the technology by integrating Bluetooth Caskeid into its Jongo family of speakers. Read the entire story here.

Video Conferencing is not only good for business but the families as well. TMC’s Cristina Naldini reported this week that the Philadelphia Riverside Correctional Facility implanted a program allowing incarcerated women to meet with their children via video conferencing. The all female society reports initial issues with volumes, but despite these the slight road bumps, the program will be expanding soon. With the number of mothers in incarceration growing faster than incarcerated fathers, programs like this allow video conferencing to keep families together when they can’t be.  

Depression inhibits thousands of Americans from completing daily tasks such as going to the grocery store or getting out of bed. Video conferencing offers patients the ability to meet with their medical team without having to conquer the seemingly daunting task of meeting in person. Telehealth saves patients and doctors time and money while still offering the same level of care.

Don’t forget that you can stay up to date with the goings on in the world of conferencing here. See you next week for another Week in Review!