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Conferencing Week in Review

April 26, 2014

It’s been another exciting week in the world of conferencing. Here are some of the top stories covered this week.

One of the big applications for conferencing is telemedicine, and OnlineUSADoctors has launched a transatlantic counterpart, OnlineUKDoctors, with the help of BMM holdings that will let U.K. residents consult with doctors online.

“Studies show that healthcare problems and concerns increase when access to medical advice is delayed. We believe that having doctors available when a patient needs them has the ability to improve healthcare overall,” said Julie Wright, president and co-founder said.

Swisscom has announced that it is Selecting Vidyo’s VidyoWorks platform and APIs to power its Videa cloud-based communications and collaboration service

“The integration of Vidyo has enabled us to offer our business clients the ability to place HD video conferencing calls,” said Erich Gebhardt, head of transversal products for the carrier. “In Switzerland, customers expect a high level of quality and reliability; those features, along with the scalability and flexibility that was needed to really differentiate this service, were made possible through the power of Vidyo APIs and VidyoWorks.”

“The Swisscom deployment is a stunning example of what can be achieved as consumer and business users converge on the same platform, and we are excited to be a part of this,” said Ofer Shapiro, CEO and co-founder of Vidyo. “The VidyoWorks platform has raised the bar for cloud-based video conferencing, providing quality, scale and affordability, as well as the ease-of-use expected by today’s consumer.”

The Japanese carrier NTT Communications has launched Global Management One, an ICT management service offering infrastructure management and right-sourcing.

“The Global Management One team has been paramount in the success of the HOYA IT Optimization project (HITOP),” Yoshio Chikayasu, chief information officer at NTT partner HOYA Corporation said. “Before HITOP our IT systems were all over the map…individually developed and managed among 13 independent business units spread out over 100 global locations.”

HOYA was able to consolidate its management and reduce IT costs by 30 percent.

ZC, a nonprofit offering neurorehabilitation has used TruClinic videoconferencing to deliver services in Morocco, showing the potential for the technology in medicine once again while helping people with traumatic brain injuries, people who have had strokes and others.

“This is an exciting opportunity to contribute to a good cause that is bringing necessary healthcare services to an area of the world that would otherwise go without. It's a fantastic demonstration of how TruClinic can benefit patients and providers regardless of location,” founder and CEO of TruClinic Justin Kahn said.

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