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Charity Organization ZC Bringing Specialized Neuro-Rehabilitation Care to Morcco Using TruClinic's Web-Based Video Conferencing

April 25, 2014

From courtroom to healthcare, video conferencing technology is being used everywhere to reduce costs, avoid travels, enhance security and more. The technology is now being employed to deliver Neuro-Rehabilitation services to the patients with neurological conditions.

Neuro-Rehabilitation services refer to a range of clinic/ home based therapies that help adults and children with neurological disabilities, traumatic brain injuries (TBI), stroke-related disabilities, and spinal cord injuries, successfully rebuild their lives.

Morocco is one of the many countries that happen to lack the infrastructure needed to provide neuro-rehabilitation care. Due to the lack of trained personnel and facilities in the field of neuro-rehabilitative services, a large number of Moroccan adults and children with neurological disabilities cannot receive proper care; as a result they have a low probability of recovering. The vast majority of them end up severely handicapped. The family and ultimately society have to bear tremendous financial and emotional burden due to this.

A recent collaboration between TruClinic and Zahra Charity brings about a wave of optimism in Morocco. Thanks to the initiative, the patients can now receive specialized neuro- rehabilitation care right in the ground of Morocco. The partnership will enable providers care teams in Morocco and the US to collaborate and deliver remote neuro-rehabilitative care to patients.

ZC is a non-profit dedicated to building, managing and growing the infrastructure for specialized neuro-rehabilitative care through a new facility, The Moulay Ali Institute for Rehabilitation (MAIR), in Marrakech City, Morocco. The organization founded by Dr. Jonathan Fellus, is striving to address the void in Morocco’s neuro-rehabilitative care. By leveraging TruClinic’s web based technology that allows the patients and care teams to connect face-to-face through high definition video conferencing, the American care providers will be able to connect their Moroccan counterparts on the ground to ensure the delivery of comprehensive care to patients with neurological conditions.

The technology ensures the remote care teams have easy and quick access to experts in the US and the most up to date treatment protocol, training and research. The instructions and patient information can be securely shared through the TruClinic portal.

The initiative signifies supporting of social cause with the help of technology. “This is an exciting opportunity to contribute to a good cause that is bringing necessary healthcare services to an area of the world that would otherwise go without. It's a fantastic demonstration of how TruClinic can benefit patients and providers regardless of location,” founder and CEO of TruClinic Justin Kahn noted in a statement.

It will be worthwhile to mention that organizations such as Rotary International, The Sorenson Legacy Foundation and The Association Grand Atlas in Morocco have extended helping hands in the realization of the project. ZC also works closely with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Morocco to expand its reach and impact. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle