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April 10, 2014

ASUS ZenFones Begin Shipping With Omlet Pre-Installed

By Oliver VanDervoort
Contributing Writer

ASUS has been looking to get into the smartphone market in a big way for a while now. The company might be finally making that move with the announcement that the Omlet Chat mobile messaging platform is being included in all ASUS ZenFones as they ship. The first ZenFone to have this open source messaging application were those that began shipping on April 8. The launch makes the ZenFone the first piece of hardware OEM with the chat application pre-installed.

The truly newsworthy tidbit is that the inclusion of Omlet makes these ASUS smartphones the first open and natively social smartphones. Omlet’s drawing power has been the fact that it offers user control over the data that is sent and received through the application. This also means that the ZenFones  are also the first smartphones that will allow people to share photos and chats in a group setting quickly and easily.

"The ASUS ZenFone is ushering in an entirely new model of mobile sharing," said Monica Lam, co-founder and CEO of MobiSocial, the makers of Omlet Chat through a recent statement. "The photo gallery on the ZenFone is the first natively social gallery on smartphones because you don't have to join an external network to share — just use your phones."

ASUS has been one of those companies that offer up innovative products in a wide range of different markets and it appears this new brand of ZenFone means the company is enthusiastically joining the smartphone wars. The company is also looking to get into the wearable tech sector in 2014 as well. It appears that ASUS is continuing to take the approach that it wants to have its eggs in quite a bit more than one basket and it’s looking to improve offerings with applications like Omlet and all that the messaging app brings to the table.

Edited by Rory J. Thompson

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