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Video Conferencing Brings Geo-Political Issues to a Texas High School

March 03, 2014

Technology is making the world we live in much smaller than it has ever been. By going online, anyone can find out what is happening in every corner of the world. The current situation in Ukraine is one great example of how everyone involved is voicing their concerns using social media and other outlets to let the world know what is happening. Accessing this information allows educational institutions an opportunity to bring the world into the classroom of their students, making them more aware of current events as they happen.

Michael Cunningham, a Del Valle High School teacher in Texas, is using video conferencing technology to bring the world to his students by connecting with other high schools around the world. The members of his speech and debate classes have been conducting lively debates on a variety of issues from other schools in Australia, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the United States. Giving students access to different cultures and ways of thinking at such an early age opens them up to accepting their peers as they are, so they can settle their differences in a civilized manner.

The technology used by Mr. Cunningham and his students is the LifeSize platform from Logitech. This platform provides public and private organizations with powerful tools for multiparty call support with presence to show when people in a directory are online and available. It also has support for text chat and content sharing such as documents, spreadsheets, schematics, pictures and videos. The invite-a-guest feature makes it possible to make video calls with friends and family for free, forever.

The LifeSize ClearSea solution from Logitech adds additional features by integrating more desktop and mobile video collaboration by supporting the largest number of devices in the market. With ClearSea users will be able to have professional grade HD video collaboration up to 1080P by connecting any standards-based video collaboration system or infrastructure with a consistent experience on all platforms.

To fully take advantage of this technology, Mr. Cunningham established the Virtual Teacher Exchange in February of 2011, with the goal of bringing educators from around the world to teach in the US. It encourages parents, teachers, students and administrators to participate and revolutionize how students are educated.

They want to create virtual educators through worldwide outreach, educational opportunities for all and world-class educational no matter where one lives.

Edited by Alisen Downey