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Telzio Includes Conference Calling Capability Across Its Telecom Solutions Portfolio

January 14, 2014

Telzio recently announced that it has introduced conference calling capability across its entire portfolio of telecom solutions to offer an added advantage to its small business customers. The new feature enables users to conduct conference calls over their VoIP phones, thus eliminating the need for additional IT set up and hardware installations. The added feature for enabling conference calling capability enables the company to integrate professional capabilities for the telephone systems of small businesses, which were earlier available only for large organizations due to the associated costs.

The Telzio phone systems are designed to meet the requirements of small businesses. Telzio enables call forwarding, connectivity to any IP phone, call filtering across opening hours, call routing and conference calling capabilities. The company offers all the additional features without any additional costs while also enabling small businesses to add any number of users for scaling up their telephone systems in line with the business needs.

The conference calling service is available as a monthly plan subscription at the cost of US$ 1 per month, where subscribers can opt for a new number or enable the service on an existing number. The company also ensures that there is no downtime during the number portability process and the subscribers also have the flexibility to cancel the service or port the numbers to other providers at any point as Telzio does not insist on any standard contractual timeline.

In addition, Telzio also offers toll free number service at the cost of US$ 5 per month providing all value-added features including the capability for conference calling. Telzio systems are also easy to use and can be initiated directly from the user dashboard and invite other users to join the call through a dialer PIN code. The conference call bridge can be retained for future use or can be permanently deleted through the web interface.

Telzio is a next-generation telecommunication service provider focusing on businesses with up to 500 employees. The company is one of the first organizations to launch enterprise level telephonic features with a consumer level interface within the affordability range for small businesses. Telzio ensures 99.99 percent availability and offers local rates for international calls across any region through its advanced carrier-grade platform.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker