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Rounds and Vidyo Partner to Transform Group Video Chat with HD Video Conferencing

December 18, 2013

The applications for group chats and interactions have become increasingly important to all spheres of life. These applications offer quick access to information over the Internet and they also fit well into the current emphasis on collaboration and communications, in general.

Rounds, a social “hangout network” that combines online entertainment with video conferencing, now offers HD video conferencing powered by Vidyo, a provider of video conferencing and personal telepresence solutions.

The enhanced version of Rounds solution includes the advantages of WebRTC technology that allow real-time group communications, multiparty HD video conferencing over the Internet.

Dany Fishel, Rounds co-Founder and CEO said in a statement, “That's Rounds - a fun, engaging experience that mimics real life interactions by merging interactive content, games, activities and real-time video communication. This strategic agreement with Vidyo now provides Rounds with the best infrastructure possible to deliver a unique, unparalleled social video communication experience. We believe this will significantly further our position as a leader in social video chat.”

Rounds is available on iPhones, Android devices, desktops and the Web. The users can experience real-time visual interaction and communication while also browsing the Web, viewing YouTube videos, or sharing photos or playing games. Vidyo's high-quality visual communication platform, VidyoWorks, takes the Rounds platform to the next level, expanding the reach, fidelity and capabilities of the Rounds application.

With Vidyo's SVC extension within WebRTC, Rounds will be able to provide a non-downloadable environment for their customers on the Web.

Ofer Shapiro, CEO and Co-Founder of  Vidyo said in a statement, “The integration of the VidyoWorks platform is yet another example of how Vidyo's technology can easily be used by application developers to deliver high quality video experiences that scale to the masses. We believe this will support further growth of Rounds platform.”

Edited by Cassandra Tucker