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Easymeeting.net's Video Conferencing Benefits Businesses of All Sizes

June 27, 2013

Easymeeting has revealed that its customers are completely content with using its video conferencing services. Customers of easymeeting.net have been able to decrease expenses and the pressures of buying and administering conventional video conferencing systems.

Ayanda, a producer of Omega3, started utilizing services of easymeeting.net a few years ago. The organization has offices located across Europe and has a dealer network across the world. The expenses related to physical travel for employees to production facilities, sales and distribution units increased considerably due to the large distances. Ayanda has been able to eliminate the geographical obstruction using the solutions and services from Easymeeting, which allows its employees to conduct video conferencing in a simplified and proficient manner on an everyday basis right from their offices. 

In a statement, Evan J. Andriopoulos, CEO, easymeeting.net said, "Easymeeting.net has focused solely on the user experience. From our own companies communications needs whereas our offices are spread throughout the world to collaborating with our reseller partners and our customers Easymeeting.net is the only service designed solely with the user in mind. Every day I communicate visually with Stockholm, Sweden, Tromso, Norway, Mystic, Connecticut, and London, UK - Ayanda, Endicott College and WAM are just a few examples of clients that have embraced video communications."

The Easymeeting services were included by Endicott College of Beverly, Mass. to its existing group of communication tools used by board members, students, and faculty. The video conferencing cloud services from easymeeting.net connect people at the college’s Beverly, MA and Madrid, Spain campuses.

Connecticut-based WAM Enterprises is a social media and marketing organization that has been utilizing Easymeeting.net for linking with customers worldwide. Easymeeting.net's videoconferencing platform is utilized by WAM Enterprises to link up with customers in geographically varied areas, thereby addressing the rising requirements of a developing e-commerce. WAM Enterprises can now correspond with anyone, irrespective of the device and location, using their virtual meeting room with the help of Easymeeting’s user-friendly cloud, desktop sharing capability.

Andriopoulos said, "H323, IPv6 etc... mean nothing to the small business owner or the corporate CEO. It is about communication that is easy and adhoc and does not require a trained IT Manager to set up."

Edited by Ashley Caputo