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IOCOM Partners with Logic Integration

June 26, 2013

The customers of video conferencing solutions often have to adapt their video conferencing needs to suit the products that they have purchased. This often poses problems for a company when the video conferencing experience is not complete.

Trying to put an end to this problem, IOCOM, a provider of universal video conferencing solutions, has announced that the company has partnered with Logic Integration, Inc. Logic Integration will supply the company’s video conferencing offerings. With this partnership, Logic is looking to integrate IOCOM Visimeet into every aspect of its business.

Visimeet helps the Logic sales team to speak to and see all parties involved during the design stage of proposals, making their job easier and helping them to take informed decisions. It also helps the employees of the company to be out in the field and still attend important meetings.

Logic has also discovered that Visimeet provides excellent video chatting capabilities. This means the administrative team will not have to spend time tracking down the employees and they can chat with them any time, face to face.

Visimeet comes with the ability of connecting various videos in a single meeting. Participants can also adjust the video size to accommodate the videos in a meeting. They can also see who is available and easily invite them to a virtual meeting as Visimeet makes use of a buddy list feature.

“Logic Integration is an innovator in cloud and premise-based business communications," said Dan Marchetto, Vice President of Business Development for IOCOM. "They have proven their expertise in the AV industry and were recently bestowed Inc. magazines coveted, 500 Fastest Growing Private Companies award for 2012 joining the ranks of Yelp, Chobani, and Unified Payments to name a few.”

In 2012, the company introduced a new platform designed specifically for sales enablement and performance management. It allowed sales executives to achieve higher team productivity, and at the same time, save costs and valuable resources.

Edited by Ryan Sartor