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ISL Online's New Web Conferencing App Enables Anywhere, Anytime Collaboration on Any Device

June 21, 2013

Android users will be happy to note that a new mobile application has joined the growing roster of free apps for Android. iPhone and Windows phone users also need not fret, as the new app, ISL Groop, supports also the other major operating systems including iOS, Windows and MacOS.

ISL Online, a provider of cloud-based remote desktop and Web conferencing solutions and the maker of ISL Groop, said the app was developed as a simple Web conferencing application to promote anywhere, anytime business collaboration. The app allows businesses to host or join interactive online presentations, meetings and webinars over the Internet from any device and platform.

Feature-packed ISL Groop will be able to offer the best meeting experience in and outside of the office. The long list of features includes screen, region and application sharing, session recording, whiteboard tools, voice and video conferencing, text chat and more.

By starting a communication right from their e-mail, collaborators can expand the meeting by inviting more people. A simple Web console would allow all the collaborators to share slides and any other content in real-time. Apart from an Android device, you can use a PC, Mac, Linux, iPad or iPhone to access the meetings. The app allows you to chat publicly or privately with individual attendees.

“Smooth collaboration over the Internet is all the rage among businesses these days. We understand this and have been investing all our efforts into bringing web conferencing to all major platforms and devices over the last year so that our users would be able to spontaneously host or join online meetings from anywhere on a device available at that moment,” ISL Online CEO Jure Pompe noted in a statement.

Last year, ISL Online unveiled ISL Light Android, an application enabling ad-hoc remote support and remote access from Android smartphones and tablets. Available for free on Google Play, the Android app allows users to control a remote computer running on Windows, Mac and Linux from anywhere.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey