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ZTE Unveils the Most Advanced Video Conferencing Product

June 12, 2013

Video communication is quickly being adapted by various companies around the world as it brings in various advantages such as reducing the communication cost and saving on traveling time. 

ZTE Corporation has announced that the company will be introducing a high efficiency terminal at an upcoming event. According to the company, this will be a state of the art terminal and it will provide support to H.265 HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding) technology. 

H.265 HEVC technology is considered to be a very advanced as it doubles the video compression efficiency of H.264 High Profile technology. Another major advantage of this technology is the fact that it provides high bandwidth services at low cost. To be precise, it offers 720P video image quality at a bandwidth cost of only 256K.

The new video conferencing product supports H.265 and the popularization of LTE and other 4G wireless technologies. This will also enable mobile phones, tablet PCs and other mobile devices to directly play online full HD (1080P) video. The H.265 video conferencing also provides improved video quality.

The company already provides a video communications system with a separated HD PTZ camera. The FTS1000 offered by the company allows video conferences wherever an IP network reaches.

Fan Xutong, vice president of video conferencing product line of ZTE, said: "ZTE began investing in developing video conferencing products 20 years ago and has consistently been making great efforts in the technical field in a bid to help people achieve easy communication through smart technologies. ZTE demonstrated this product in the hopes of continuing collaboration with even more vendors and industries to provide enterprises with better products and services."

Recently, the company obtained a patent license for Dolby's portfolio covering High-Efficiency Advanced Audio Coding (HE AAC). The company already has essential licensing patents essential to HE AAC.

Edited by Ashley Caputo