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Cinchcast Connect Conferencing Solution Enhanced with Video Sharing Capability

May 16, 2013

Cinchcast has enhanced its enterprise conferencing and webcasting solution Cinchcast Connect by adding a new function  to share video. The company’s solutions enhance the overall communication for businesses cost effectively.

Alan Levy, CEO of Cinchcast said, “At Cinchcast, we are passionate about providing enterprise customers with innovative and cost effective ways to communicate critical information and better engage the people that are most important to their business.”

Cinchcast Connect is a patented, cloud-based platform that helps companies to create, manage, and share live streamed conference calls and webcasts. Companies of all sizes can benefit from the solution which can also scale to thousands of participants. It features optimized video capabilities that enable enterprise customers to upload and share videos both from recorded and live events. This feature makes it possible for Cinchcast customers to stream executive interviews, product demonstrations, training videos, commercials, and other recorded video content easily while engaging in conference calls and webcasts.

Further, the user interface provided by Cinchcast enables event producers to incorporate video clips in event presentations to deliver simple on-demand playback. This allows event participants to view video content via Cinchcast’s secure and scalable players, eliminating the need for downloads or plug-ins.

The solution also facilitates the content creation process helping executives and other marketing and communications professionals. It improves internal and external communications during meetings for event planners, HR leaders, content creators, and online training specialists.

“We make it incredibly easy and cost-effective for our clients to create, manage and share live or recorded conference calls and webcasts. The conference bridge, Q&A management console, slides, online event stream, registration and now, on-demand video; it’s all integrated into one robust, browser-based solution,” Levy added.

Edited by Jamie Epstein