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Lindenbaum Upgrades its Portfolio

April 29, 2013

German-based company Lindenbaum is a provider of carrier-grade audio and Web conferencing solutions. The company also powers a platform for service providers and recently expanded its portfolio of audio and Web conferencing products with the addition of online collaboration and desktop video conferencing solutions.

The new Lindenbaum solutions are easy to implement and use and are expected to enhance teamwork and other collaborative initiatives in a company. They can either used in a stand-alone mode or along with audio conferencing.

According to company officials, the new comprehensive services can be seamlessly integrated into the Lindenbaum conferencing platform. This optimizes interaction between employees’ drives collaboration between businesses, their business partners and customers.

In fact, customers will benefit immensely from face to face collaboration, which will result in better team work overall due to the leveraging of f desktop video images. Besides being highly intuitive to use, the offerings can be quickly accessed which ensures all the services are readily available. All the Web conferencing functions are available in a condensed format in the sidebar which can be selected by a single click.

Lindenbaum Web and desktop video conferencing solutions can be used on any type of device. All that a moderator requires is any PC running Windows. Users can leverage platforms like Windows, Mac or Linux and also use any mobile equipment including smartphones, tablets and netbooks with no need for any special software installation. As Lindenbaum connections are based on secure encoding systems all connections are free from security breaches.

Moreover, automatic language adaptation features have been added by Lindenbaum covering languages that are based on the operating system language. And participants can look forward to securely sharing and working on documents and utilizing functions such as an application filter, whiteboard, chat, file sharing, session recording of both video and audio and so on.

Back in July, Lindenbaum revealed that its new Lindenbaum Media Resource Function (MRF) carrier grade platform is based on MicroTCA technology and can be deployed to power affordable voice and conferencing solutions in next-generation networks (NGN).

Edited by Jamie Epstein