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AMG Alerts Mass Notification System Provides Instant Conferencing

April 02, 2013

In the age of information superhighway and communicating messages, information is an important aspect for the business of any organization. Companies make use of various communication methods to send out mass notification mails to their employees and this system is also used by schools and other institutions.

AMG Teleran Corporation’s mass notification system is now strengthened with its partnership with ZipBridge. According to this partnership, the mass notification and employee notification system from AMG Teleran Corporation will now have instant conferencing module feature in them.

The conferencing module makes it easier to initiate a conference call. Instead of a complicated series of clicks, the users can now launch conference calls with just a few and easy clicks. Before calling the proposed attendees, the system sends them invitations and reminders through emails, messages.

With this facility, users can get on to a conference call even when they are not using their usual phone. To achieve this, the product offers login credentials, using which they can login to the conference from any phone.

AMG Alerts makes use of a series of modern day communication systems such as text messaging, e-mail, Web and voice communication to provide alerts to users. It also allows users to send real-time messages to their recipients.

Dave Burr, AMG Teleran COO, explained, “The simplicity of our AMG Alerts system is greatly appreciated by our customers and our philosophy has been to keep it simple and allow the system to grow along with our customers by adding plug-in modules, such as the Response Module and this new Conferencing Module. The modular approach really keeps us price-competitive and allows the customer to tailor the system to their needs.”

In 2011, the company announced that its sales lead management system, SalesInSync, will be upgrading by using technology derived from AMG Alerts.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey