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Momentum Launches Hosted Enterprise Video Conferencing Solution

March 05, 2013

Momentum, a provider of hosted PBX services, has announced the release of its new platform, Momentum Video, an enterprise-grade hosted video conferencing solution that works over desktop and mobile.

The solution is powered by SCOPIA. It offers scalable HD conferencing. Momentum Video has both desktop and mobile clients, an easy to use interface as well as presentation and recording tools.

 “Enterprise collaboration tools have become fundamental to daily correspondence impacting the way traditional sales, service and support channels operate. Momentum Video creates conference rooms without walls - the anywhere-access, real-time communications today's professionals need," said Alan Creighton, Momentum President and CEO.

Among the benefits Momentum touts for its new video product are increased exchange of ideas and fewer travel costs. With fewer people traveling, businesses can lessen their environmental impact. Employees can be reached wherever they happen to be, resulting in greater productivity from a mobile workforce.

Brandon Hagood, director of product development for Momentum, said that he believes more businesses will adopt video conferencing thanks to the greater acceptance of video conferencing applications like Skype in the consumer market. Momentum Video will offer greater security with relatively low capital expenditures.

"Momentum Video conferencing empowers face-to-face virtual meetings with multiple parties - customers, prospects and team members - from anywhere in the world. Fully interoperable with room-based equipment, desktops, tablets, smartphones and UC apps, Momentum's BYOD compatible solution truly has no limitations," said Hagood.

Momentum is far from the only company making strides in business communication technology. Microsoft Lync, the company’s enterprise VoIP offering, grew its usage by 40 percent in late 2012 alone.

The growth is partially attributable to monitoring applications like one made by Tone Software, which attempts to maintain a consistently high level of call quality for enterprise conferencing software, where hiccups like those common in the Microsoft-owned Skype are less tolerated than they are on conferencing applications for consumers.

Edited by Ashley Caputo