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Ideal Supply Company Enables Remote Visual Collaboration with Magor Solution

March 05, 2013

Companies today are operating under budget restrictions they simply didn’t have just a few years ago. Travel budgets are down, and this has put many companies in a bind when it comes to collaborating with employees at remote sites as well as partners and suppliers. To ensure that these restrictions don’t hurt productivity, more and more companies are putting visual collaboration technology solutions in place that allow employees to meet – albeit virtually – and share ideas to ensure that productivity doesn’t suffer even if travel budgets have.

One such company is family-owned Ideal Supply Company Ltd, a wholesale distributor of automotive, electrical and industrial components, which has 30 locations. The company recently implemented a Magor visual collaboration solution in an effort to gain productivity within the company while cutting the time and expense of having staff regularly travel to centralized meetings. In addition to supporting internal operations, Ideal Supply found that the tool will also allow it to engage with current and potential customers by having them participate in the high-quality visual conversations.

Magor Visual Collaboration WorkSpace is software that eliminates distance, scheduling, bridges, hardware lock-in and frustration to allow companies to bring colleagues, customers and partners together into a seamless and spontaneous workspace — either from an employee’s desk, in a meeting room or anywhere participants need to be, via a laptop, smartphone or tablet, all remotely and with the help of data and tools that can make collaboration easier.

 “As we need to reach out to our customer population for voice-of-the-customer meetings, it’s awkward when you have a lot of miles between locations, so Magor makes it easier to accelerate our reach into our customer’s offices,” said Ideal Supply Company’s president and CEO Tim MacDonald. “And as a market leader, there’s the intangible benefit that comes from introducing a new technology in our industry that casts us in a very good light as a progressive company.”

Ideal Supply Company says that in the future, it envisions sessions with their customers for marketing; selling; demonstrating new products; connecting customers in real time with product experts; assisting them in system design and repairs; serving as a face-to-face way of receiving customer feedback, and more as a way to generate new sales.

Edited by Brooke Neuman