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AOL Debuts AOL On in Canada

February 26, 2013

Internet video is a huge market. But content providers in this domain often find it difficult to serve the needs of the customers. Therefore, major video content providers all over the world have special technologies in place to cater to users’ different needs.

AOL has announced that the company has introduced its curated video platform for all screens, called AOL On, in Canada. This means in Canada, AOL On will now be the homepage for AOL video and users can see 500,000 videos across 17 different channels, on any screen.

The company has announced that American Express Canada is the official advertising launch partner and the company will have 100 percent share of voice. With its partnership with American Express Canada, the company believes that it can reach users across all screens since American Express has a cross platform.

AOL has stated that the company will mainly deliver Canadian specific video content. AOL On Video Network is a large video network and reaches around 7.8 million every month. The company believes that its video network will be beneficial to both users and subscribers.

AOL claims that the company constantly updates its video channels with original videos. It also provides partner content from some of the most highly recognized brands in media. The AOL On Network has the technology in place to follow the viewers as they move across different screens.

“The launch of AOL On Canada comes at an incredible time for online digital media, with increasing demand of online video from advertisers and with consumers accessing online video at a rising rate this new product only furthers our commitment to the online video experience.” Said Rashida Jeeva, general manager, AOL On Canada.

Recently, the company released the results of financial performance for the fourth quarter of 2012.

Edited by Brooke Neuman