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February 20, 2013

Draper Introduces Video Conferencing Accessories

By Shankar Pandiath
TMCnet Contributor

Draper Inc., a reputable manufacturer of projection screens, window shades and lifts for projectors and flat screens, has introduced new video-conferencing accessories.

The usual procedure for video conferencing equipment is that once it is installed in one room, it is anchored there, requiring time and effort to reinstall it in other room. For effective video conferencing one needs video conferencing accessories that can be used in multi-rooms.

The best use of this facility would be to use it whenever required.

Draper, Inc. has now catered to this need of the market and launched several new video conferencing accessories and products.

Draper’s new conferencing camera is designed to align itself with the projection screen. The company’s Video Conferencing Camera Lift-Ceiling enables the placement of the camera directly behind the motorized projection screen.

The camera is aligned with the screen in such a way that it moves up and down with the screen.

If you want your video conferencing camera hidden until you need it, the Video Conferencing Camera Lift-Credenza is the answer. With the help of Video Conferencing Camera Lift-Credenza, the camera can remain hidden in conference rooms.

They can be controlled with a remote and used at the touch of a few buttons on your remote.

There is also the facility of brackets. Draper's Video Conferencing Camera Adapter Bracket is available with three Draper lift models, all of different capacities. The adapter bracket enables the video conferencing camera to be mounted up on the ceiling where it is not in sight. Draper’s ceiling recessed projector lift enables the smooth up and down movement of the camera.

You can also choose Draper's Video Conferencing Camera Adapter Bracket with the Draper lift model, suiting the height of the room. The lift should be chosen on the basis of the distance the camera needs to travel down the ceiling.

Draper is provided with unique enhancements as well, offering three different types of backgrounds and enabling you to make your communication distinct. This facilitates communication in an effective way by capturing the attention of the viewers.

The Draper’s neutral backgrounds are available in six muted earth tones. These are good in controlling room lighting and are best for ensuring a consistent corporate image. Unwanted inferences can now be avoided and distractions eliminated. Users can also have custom printed backgrounds too, that contain corporate logos, photographs, art work and more.

It’s also easier to change the background image using Chroma Key Backgrounds, also known as "green screen" or “blue screen” technology, and far more easier to incorporate and show live action video footage.

Edited by Braden Becker


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