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Brainshark Provides Video for Babson College

February 20, 2013

Brainshark is the video presentations provider of choice for Babson College. Students and faculty alike are using Brainshark to improve their communications, with over 30,000 hours of video presentations viewed last year alone.

Business presentations are a large part of Babson’s educational discourse, although classroom time can sometimes be difficult, with multiple live presentations taking too long to finish in a single period. Fortunately, Brainshark’s cloud-based video streaming technology lets students stream voiced PowerPoint presentations on demand to any device. They can be viewed at the student and teacher’s whim, helping everyone work according to their schedules.

Furthermore, Babson faculty has been using Brainshark to improve the educational experience, with video presentations as well as quizzes, feedback, and surveys. It even helps teachers determine which students have been doing the work, thanks to the analytics capabilities Brainshark offers.

"We looked extensively for an easy way to create multimedia presentations – that could be consumed on-demand, used across departments and viewed on the many different types of mobile devices we see on campus," says Eric Palson, Babson’s director of instructional technologies. "That's exactly what Brainshark offers – through a hosted solution that's easy to access and requires no downloads. It takes next-to-no time for our students, faculty and staff to grasp how to use Brainshark, and we've found it has taken off in a viral way to improve the educational experience. In the coming year, we also plan to use Brainshark to deliver alumni communications and develop certification courses for employees."

The faculty has also been using Brainshark’s video capabilities to provide presentations to prospective students, as well as for training for human resources, library staff, the IT department, and more.

Babson College is making great use of the video capabilities that Brainshark provides, and its students and faculty are benefiting greatly from them. From presentations, to time management, to training, it has greatly helped the college in so many ways, helping provide better education for the workforce of the future.

Edited by Brooke Neuman