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TMCnet Conferencing Week in Review

February 16, 2013

Countless innovative products have recently been introduced within the growing conferencing industry allowing us to attend meetings and connect with colleagues virtually anywhere. This week, the conferencing industry was booming with new conferencing developments and enhancements in the exciting space.

XDSL, a local Internet solution provider has made video conferencing a reality for SMEs with its reliable and fast managed connectivity solution in the form of an MPLS VPN connection. An XDSL MPLS VPN can route several network traffic types across public networks securely and has guaranteed reliability.

For SMBs, this solution comes at a much lower cost than similar offerings with more value. For example, a 1024kbps connection would normally cost about $900 while a 1986kbps connection would go for about $1,500. With XDSL, 1024kbps would only cost about $260 while 1986kbps would be about $500.

This cost-effective, highly reliable and fast video and data transmission solution allows SMEs to leverage video conferencing to improve business operations. Resellers of managed services have a new offering that improves their competitive advantage while introducing a new revenue stream.

In other conferencing news, Aylus Networks, a company that specializes in the infrastructure support that enables live video services, partnered with Huawei, which is geared toward coming up with better solutions in the video conferencing sector.

Aylus made some splashes before with the release of innovations that have powered one-way, two-way and multi-way video conferencing technology. And, Huawei has long been a trusted company in the business when it comes to video conferencing with a history of partnering with companies in order to offer up better solutions.

“With the rapid expansion of 4G and VoLTE, live mobile video solutions have become extremely important to the subscriber’s experience, our partnership with Huawei gives operators and enterprises fully integrated live mobile video solutions, whether they are delivered via the Huawei cloud computing platform or through a traditional in-network deployment,” said Mark Edwards, CEO of Aylus Networks.

Lastly, Vidyo, Inc. has been honored by Frost & Sullivan, being named the winner of its 2013 Video Conferencing Technology Leadership Award. Thanks to its performance in several criteria, Vidyo has proven itself as a leader in the video conferencing market, and for good reason.

With Vidyo’s third generation SVC-based products, which include field experience, customer feedback, and intellectual property, Vidyo has moved ahead of the market and stands out from its competitors. Its recent product announcements demonstrate its commitment to helping the spread of video conferencing, while its ability to allow customers to embed Vidyo into its Web portals and service environments has helped create new solutions.

“Vidyo is at the forefront of innovation, launching products that demonstrate the power of its ground breaking architecture and position the company for growth,” said Roopam Jain, principal analyst for Frost & Sullivan. “Vidyo’s solutions offer customers a new and more scalable approach to video conferencing, eliminating the traditional hurdles to adoption including high fixed costs for multipoint infrastructure, QoS-enhanced networks and IT personnel.”