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BT Names Howard Dickel New CEO of BT Conferencing

February 12, 2013

BT announced on Monday it has appointed a new CEO for their BT Conferencing division, Howard Dickel.

Dickel has been promoted in-company, as he’s been with BT for six years, working most recently as client partner for the company’s London 2012 Deliver Program at the Olympics.

BT Conferencing is a leading CSP (collaboration service provider), responsible for more than 47,000 customers spanning 170 countries.

With 54 clients of Fortune 100 status, the firm has amassed more than one million end users, and will require a competent and business-savvy CEO to run the large operation.

Dickel managed a team of approximately 1,000 employees at various sites throughout England during his time as client partner for the London 2012 Delivery Program, and has had substantial experience with BT’s audio and video conferencing technologies.

Dickel has also worked as program manager for the Major Networks Transformation Program at BT, and before joining the company worked at IBM, Great Universal Stores, Netforce Group and United Utilities.

Dickel certainly has the experience and skills required of the position, with the positive outlook needed to continue moving BT Conferencing forward.

“After having the once-in-a-lifetime privilege of leading the provision of communications services for the London 2012 Games, I am delighted to bring this knowledge and experience to BT Conferencing,” said Dickel. “I will look to build on the high levels of deployment and support we already offer by ensuring our customers see us as the most trusted advisor on all aspects of collaboration.”

Dickel also elaborated on the company’s newest collaboration with Dolby Laboratories, saying, “We are proud to be working with Dolby on evolving our audio conferencing into a market leading innovative solution that will increase collaboration, reduce travel costs and improve the effectiveness of meetings.”

As one of the six businesses that comprise BT Enterprises, BT Conferencing is known for its partnerships and collaborative work with companies including Cisco and Polycom, so adding Dolby to the mix will help grow the business even more, and allow BT’s conferencing products to reach a wider market.

“This ground breaking deal is big news, not just for BT and Dolby, but for every businessperson out there,” said Dickel.

Edited by Braden Becker