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LIME, LoopUp form Partnership Providing Wireless Conferencing in Caribbean

February 11, 2013

LoopUp announced today that it has partnered with LIME, an iconic communications company in the Caribbean, to provide LoopUp conferencing to 14 countries that comprise the region. The service will be rebranded as LIME Conferencing as part of a managed service agreement.

LIME is owned by London-based Cable & Wireless Communications. The letters in the name stand for Landline, Internet, Mobile and Entertainment. It was formed in 2008 and provides telephone, data, mobile and satellite services in the Caribbean.

U.K.-based Ring2 Communications Ltd. provides the LoopUp service as an alternative to many online conferencing solutions such as GoToMeeting. It is designed to avoid many common disruptions: background noise from babies crying, dogs barking or traffic passing by, questions about who's present where, who just joined the meeting, etc.

Such distractions cause the user to be put into listen-only mode.

The app also lets two people who want to have a brief private conversation to do so, automatically muting the line for the remaining attendees.

Call leaders have several features for controlling conference call logistics: Notifications when guests arrive, display showing who's on the call or who's speaking, and recording the call without needing a separate application.

There’s no need for calling a dial-in number to join the meeting by phone, as LoopUp works in reverse by calling an attendee's phone number.

Several platforms support LoopUp conferencing. It runs on Windows as an Outlook calendar app and on mobile environments like Blackberry, Android and iOS.

The partnership is potentially huge for Ring2, since its conferencing solution will be distributed by the leading communications services in the area by LIME. The only thing standing in the way of success for both partners is if LIME customers choose more established conferencing solutions like WebEx or GoToMeeting, in spite of the convenience of LoopUp.

Edited by Braden Becker