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Net 4 India Picks XOP Conference Bridges, Service Provider Package

February 04, 2013

Net 4 India is delivering audio and Web conferencing services to Indian enterprise customers using XOP Networks’ universal service node conference bridge and XOP service provider package. XOP specializes in software based value added service (VAS) platforms and audio conference bridges.

The service provider package provides the ability to sell ‘virtual conference bridges,’ deliver operator assisted conferencing, automated subscriber provisioning and uploading of call detail records to external billing systems. It supports ‘high availability’ based on active/standby or active/active server configurations.

 “We selected XOP Networks Universal Service Node (USN) as our Conferencing Service platform because it is feature rich, flexible and economical,” said Desi Valli, COO of Net 4 India.

Officials explained that the Linux based universal service node conference bridge is highly scalable, and the platform is specifically designed for conferencing service providers and other carriers providing hosted conferencing services required by SME customers.

“The platform allows us to provision subscriber accounts using an XML based API, was easily integrated with our billing system, supports ‘high availability’ based on active/active server configuration and finally provides multiple enhanced security features that prevent any unauthorized access to an end customer’s data,” Valli added.

Sudhir Gupta, CEO of XOP Networks remarked, “It is a pleasure to welcome Net4 India as a XOP Networks’ customer. We are very appreciative of the confidence that Net 4 has shown in XOP and the Universal Service Node.”

In related company news XOP Networks has completed 10 years of operations on January 1 2013. During this span of 10 years XOP networks has launched multiple products, including its digital collaboration bridge, universal service node, ring-down firebar conference server and enhanced voicemail server.

Its audio conference bridge has received JITC certification required for products to be deployed in secure US DoD such as the army, navy and air force networks, according to officials.

Edited by Ashley Caputo