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UberConference Launches International Access Numbers

January 24, 2013

In this age of ever shrinking world, enterprises across the globe have been extending their partnerships with each other, and looking for newer means to boost their business growth worldwide. Without any doubt, making and receiving international voice calls have become a regular need for these companies who wish to break the barriers and turn the world into a truly global village.

Firespotter Labs, a provider of advanced telephony products is going to introduce its UberConference international access numbers in more than 40 countries spanning across the continents of Europe, Asia and South America. Receiving a financial backup by Andreessen Horowitz and Google Ventures, the company offers a range of advanced telecom solutions such as UberConference, Nosh, NoshList and Jotly.

It had been established in the year 2011 by Craig Walker, a telecommunications entrepreneur who had previously served as chief executive officer for Dialpad Communications, a company that was later acquired by Yahoo!. Additionally, Walker also founded and remained associated with GrandCentral Communications.

With the help of UberConference, users will be able to use these home country local numbers that will save them from spending higher amounts pertaining to international calling rates, while calling a US conference number. Next month, some more country codes will be added to the list, says the company.

“Our goal is to make UberConference the best conference calling service in the world,” commented Craig Walker, co-founder and chief executive officer at Firespotter Labs. “With international access numbers, we are solving a key pain point for the increasing number of companies that have employees or business partners in other countries who need to join a conference call.”

All the subscribers of UberConference Pro and Business accounts will now be able to leverage the benefits of the new international access number feature without having to pay anything extra. While the UberConference Free accounts will just have to spend a sum of $10 every month for upgrading their accounts to Pro status. Apart from offering a local number, it will also provide them with a range of other helpful advantages, some of which are extensive conference sizes, recurring conferences, outbound dialing and the ability to share their documents and notes through Box and Evernote channels. Initially, WebRTC had been integrated with UberConference so that users could participate in online conferences from within the Google Chrome browser window on their computer.

In September 2012, Firespotter Labs launched UberConference Pro, the premium version of its free conference calling service. Additionally, UberConference Free, the free visual conference calling service that was introduced in a private beta during the month of May, was made available by the company without any restrictions on its website.

Edited by Carlos Olivera